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Fighting blight? Condemnation may be the way to go

  • Neglected commercial properties generally pay less property tax, but demand more costly attention from government.

Published February 25, 2016 Daily Journal of Commerce

By Kinnon W. Williams
Inslee, Best, Doezie & Ryder

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. once famously said, “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” Likewise, a property owner’s right to manage their real estate as they see fit ends when it adversely affects neighboring businesses and community. Read more…



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Opportunity is knocking. Volunteer today!  There are numerous opportunities to help out Chapter 4.  Not only will you get to meet and interact with more members, you might also get your 2017 annual dues paid for.  Check out the sign up boards at the upcoming membership meetings and get involved!”

As for the 2017 prize, one volunteer will be nominated and selected by the board with the Volunteer of the Year Award presented at the June Installation and Awards Banquet.  The Chapter will pay the 2017 membership dues for the Volunteer of the Year award winner.


We Are Family

Families provide for their children making sure they have the tools necessary to make their way in the world.  Families act as role models for each other; parents lead and train their children; older children model for siblings.  Families want the best for the next generations to come.

As RWIEF President Carol Croft, SR/WA so aptly described in her address to the IRWA Board of Directors during the 2015 International Education Conference in San Diego, we are family.  We gather each year to transact business and there is true affection for our peers.  We look forward to catching up with each other — we know spouses, children and grandchildren.  We are truly a professional family.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the way we support education for today’s right of way professionals and the next generation to come.  The generosity that members and corporate sponsors showed this year was nothing short of amazing.  The Foundations’ golf tournament raised $30,000, the auction $16,000, the Monday night event $36,850 and donations of $45,705 were presented at the Board of Directors’ meeting.  A grand total of $128,555!

RWIEF has funded approximately $500,000 in education and leadership products over the last three to four years and holds current funding commitments of $182,031.   CRWEF has funded approximately $158,231 in education products over the last four years and holds no current funding commitments.  With IRWA’s plans to launch six to ten new and revised courses each year for the next three years, your continued support is critical.  This year you have emphatically shown your steadfast commitment and support for our family of right of way professionals.  On behalf of all in the industry today, and the next generation to come, the RWIEF and CRWEF are ever grateful!