Newsletter & President’s Message

Greetings Chapter 4 Membership:

This is your official notice the IRWA Chapter 4 General Membership meeting was held on 5/10/2017 at Hotel 116 in Bellevue, WA and elections were held without a quorum present. The Chapter 4 Bylaws require a minimum of 20 Chapter members to constitute a quorum. We had 13 members present of the required 20 when the election was held. In order to ratify the election results without a quorum present, you are given the option to challenge the election and results.

The results of the election are as follows:

– President Elect – Dawn Fletcher
– Vice President – John Nidecker
– Treasurer – Jesse Ray
– Secretary – Michelle Talbot
– International Director – Kent Melton

Per IRWA Chapter 4 Bylaws the current President-Elect, Kent Melton SR/WA, will be installed as IRWA Chapter 4 President.

If you wish to challenge any aspect of the election, please respond to Jesse Ray, Secretary, via phone or email at 425-372-7636 or Please notify Jesse Ray of your intent to challenge the election by: May 26, 2017.

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