Chapter 4 Policies

IRWA Chapter 4 Website/Email Announcement Policy

Requests to IRWA Chapter 4 Webmaster for website postings and email blasts can only be submitted by the Chapter 4 President, or the Communications Chair. 

Email blasts will be sent out once a week on Thursdays. 

If you would like something included in the weekly email blast, information must be submitted to the Communications Chair no later than Tuesday of the same week.  If submissions are received after Tuesday, the information will be included in the email blast for the following week.

When submitting information, please provide a subject line/heading for the announcement, as well as any pertinent information.  It is preferable that the submission be in Word. 

Unless indicated in the submission, it will be assumed that the information is only intended for Chapter 4.  If you would like the email sent to Region 7, please indicate in the submission.

In addition to a brief reminder in the weekly email, education/course announcement emails will be sent separately based on a predetermined schedule.  The first independent announcement will be sent out 8 weeks prior to the course start date.  Every two weeks thereafter, a separate education announcement email will be sent out.  All independent education email announcements will be sent to all of Region 7.  The information to be included in the education announcement should be received 9 weeks prior to the course start date.

While it is preferable to follow the set schedule for the general weekly email blast and independent education announcements, consideration will be given to requests for additional emails, if needed, on a case by case basis.  Examples of things that might require additional emails outside of the set schedule include: changes to the time and location of the event, changes to the contact/coordinator of the event, approaching deadlines for registration.