Presidents Message

September 29, 2017

The Challenge

Hello Chapter 4. Wow! That was a quick summer…and September. I wanted to introduce myself as your new Chapter 4 President for the 2017/2018 year. I am excited about this year and the changes that are taking place. We currently have a new venue in the Red Lion in Bellevue. Well, some of you remember it as the old venue and it worked out well for our September lunch meeting.

Speaking of lunch meetings, we are also switching up the times to make most of this year’s meetings (except for October). Last year our attendance was down toward the end of the year and according to the survey last year, the time of day, our programs and especially traffic had a lot to do with why people did or did not attend our monthly meetings.

As we discussed moving the venue, it didn’t seem to matter where we had the monthly member meeting, traffic would always be a factor in the evenings. So, it was decided to make as many of the meetings as possible at lunch time. We counted 48 attendees at our September luncheon!! What a great turnout!

The title of my message this month is The Challenge. My challenge to the membership this year is to get involved. This is your IRWA Chapter and we have a great group of volunteers that help make this, in my opinion, the best chapter in IRWA. But, it takes some work to make it all go smoothly. Most of us have full time jobs and families so it is quite a sacrifice that we make for this great organization. We have close to 150 members in Chapter 4 and if we all did a little or a lot to help the Chapter in some way we would be an amazing group of people.

So, to challenge you all, I would like to see each you do three things for the chapter this coming year. It could be anything from coming to monthly meetings coupled with volunteering for an event or committee. If you don’t think you have the time (which is about everybody here) you can just attend 3 meetings. Preferably though I would like to see more involvement. There are a lot of needs in our committees for assistance. If you would like to get more involved, please contact me or one of our Board members, we would love to have your help.

Lastly, but very exciting for our chapter is that we had 18 new members join us over the summer. A list of those new members is on our news blast this week. We want to welcome all of those who have decided to join our great chapter and look forward to seeing you get involved and at our monthly meetings and other events.

Kent Melton, SR/WA
IRWA Chapter 4 President